06 September 2007

i ripped out his heart and handed it back to him!

i ripped out his heart and handed it back to him!

In case you can't tell, it's the inside of a red bell pepper. I thought it had an artery like quality that required a photo. But hey, it's me. Everything requires a photo. Am I right people?

Today's is my parent's 50th wedding anniversary! (hence the heart theme) Over the course of the last year, they have discussed having a party or even taking a cruise around Alaska, but Dad couldn't quite talk Ma into that one. "I can watch whales on PBS." she said. Ok... Pretty amazing they lasted 50 years, huh? If I know them, and I do, they probably settled for some early morning fishing, a evening at a steak house, followed by a night at the casino. Which doesn't venture far from the last 364 days of the year. Just kidding. In the fall, they hunt. How I ended up a liberal is any body's guess.

I sent them 50 long-stemmed, red roses today. Ma emailed about how beautiful they are. I'm sure Dad would've been happier with a package from Cabela's, but anniversaries are really for the woman, don't you think? Men are happy as long as sex is had at some point. I should add, Glenn and my anniversary is this Sunday. I have an inexpensive gift in mind. But he better have gotten me jewelry.


Jeff said...

I could never bring myself to write something that discussed my parents and sex in the same paragraph. I'm squeamish that way.

Hope you two have a GREAT anniversary!

tlc said...

Glenn's a smart man. He'll come through.

bon bon said...

jeff—you're minnesotian, so i would never expect you to. actually, i'm surprised you didn't spell out s-e-x.

tlc—i hope everyone knows i'm kidding. i need jewelry like glenn needs espn. dinner at sardine is plenty!

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Happy Anniversary!

Why not spend it watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (lots of "heart-pounding moments" in that one...)

Greg said...

Have you tried the duck salad thingy at Sardine? I didn't think I'd like it but ordered it anyway. I'm glad I did. Plus I'd never eaten skate wing before and that also worked out nicely.

Happy anniversary!

bon bon said...

dan—you're a genius, you are.

greg—we haven't been to sardine yet. every "event" we've had so far, they've been booked. we're still eating early this time, but we shall put it off no longer! thanks for the tip!

amy said...

Oooh. How many is this for you two lovebirds?

Congratulations. Have many more, will ya?

bon bon said...

this is twelve for us. hasn't seemed that long though. i think that's a good sign.

thanks, amy!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary to you! knew it was coming up. Just didn't send a card or email. may the next 12 years be as fun! tkj

bon bon said...

thanks texwis girl!!

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