03 September 2007

hide and seek

hide and seek

Taken Saturday at the Taste of Madison. Pretty difficult for these kids to hide when their heads glow like that.


Dan said...

the sun spots on the camera lens make it for me.

Jenn. said...

Hello, I came here by google search. It is such a beautiful photo with gorgeous lights especially with the girls hair glowing like that. :)

I'm an illustrator trying to build a portfolio. I was planing to paint an image of kids playing hide and seek and that's how I found you.

would you be kind and give me permission to use this image as a reference? just the girl. I will show you the final image if you give me the permission.

once agian, regardless of the use of reference or not, it is a beautiful photo.

bon bon said...

hi jenn,
i viewed your blog and your work is wonderful! i'd be honored if you use this photo! i look forward to seeing the final work.

thank you for asking, as well. i've never said no to anyone, but it's appreciated when people take the time to ask.

sugarcoated said...


I too came here via google. I wrote an entry for a blog and your photo goes perfectly with my writing. Would you mind if I used the image and gave you credit?

I love the photo. Feel free to check out mine at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mygypsylife/.


bon bon said...

not at all, m. thanks for asking.

love your travel photos!

bon bon said...

...and here is the link to Jenn's illustration for anyone who'd like to see.

lovely work, Jenn!

Mike Nolan said...

I also found the image via google - I run a non profit (the Small Business Development Center in Mankato, MN) - and am giving a presentation on social media. I'd like to use the photo for a slide - "They have to find you"

I'll certainly give the photo credit.

Wonderful work...

Mike Nolan

bon bon said...

thanks mike, you certainly can! it's fun to see the amount of interest this image keeps receiving.

is your presentation digital? if so, this should work. i post my images at a fairly low resolution. if needed, give me a shout and i'll try to dig up the higher res for you.

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