05 September 2007

forward!...or that general direction

forward!...or that general direction

According to wikipedia, (knower of all things great and fabricated), this statue titled quite uniquely, "Wisconsin", wears a helmet with a badger on it. The artist went through a lot of trouble for something 270+ feet off the ground. What wikipedia does not share is that the helmet also holds two cans of PBR. Gilded, of course.


ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Doesn't everybody in Madison use headwear with woodland creatures on it?

bon bon said...

and thanks to all that PBR, it's hardly noticed.

Olive said...

Hey, you forgot to mention the golden crazystraw connecting the beer cans to her mouth!

Dan said...

That's not a badger, thats a...

Oh i can't be bothered. Running jokes are far too much hard work.

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