24 September 2007

do not adjust your monitor

do not adjust your monitor

The Blueman Group make a valid point during their show that face to face conversation is being threatened in a world of blogging and instant messaging. Their show encourages everyone collaboratively to read, act like a rock star, and pass 460 pounds of crepe paper to your neighbor. All without them saying a word. However, they do manage to get in a few bowls of soup.

Today is Glenn's birthday! It's one of the reasons we decided to whoop it up in Chicago. We were joined by tlc and Joel, who celebrated his birthday last week. I'm glad to have spent a weekend with all of you pretty much succumbing to all my demands. Happy birthday, gentlemen! And sorry about the blisters, Joely.


Jeff said...

Great picture!

I can't imagine that that could be good for your skin.

tlc said...

At least Joely now knows it was the evil shoes that caused the blisters!

To quote one of the birthday boys it was "the most fricken awesome trip to Chicago" ever. I think the company we kept was the reason. ;o)

Kerry said...

I loved seeing the Blueman Group, we went on our anniversary when we came over. It was fantastic, but we thought it might lose something if you saw them over here.
Good pic too.

bon bon said...

jeff, i'm guessing they get lots of facials.

it was a pretty fricken fun weekend!

kerry, is the show a bit different in europe? i'm not sure i know what you mean...

Miss Mrs...a blog of everyday delights said...

which city did you see it in? I'm in Orlando and I know the band of the show. The bassist is my good friend. :)

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