10 August 2007

slight yellow

slight yellow

Click here to see the original version. I was playing with a photoshop infrared technique on this one.

Hey everyone! Thanks for responding to my latest poll! You've help to prove a point actually. Receiving one flower a week can become routine, which is never good. However, telling your spouse that it's not necessary to bring you a flower every week can also create a feeling of ungratefulness if your spouse is highly sensitive. So, be warned.

Take the following into consideration: When you first have that special someone over for a home cooked meal, at the end of the evening they thank you and tell you it how delicious it was! At about the 6,437 meal you realize the honeymoon is over. Glenn knows I'm just shitting him. We'll still a couple of love birds! This is just my round about (public) way of reminding him it's been some time since I received flowers.

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