03 August 2007

shriners: a three part study

shriners: a three part study

Nothing special here. Just that shriners in tiny cars amuse me. These guys were headed to the parade in town a couple weeks ago. For some reason they always buzz down our street. Usually fifteen miles over the speed limit. Fez tassles flying. It never fails that one or more break down and need to be towed after the parade. Two foot mechanics are hard to come by, after all.

We're headed up north for a family reunion on my Dad's side for the weekend. I'll be sure to record any activity where people are shit-faced. I may need some blackmail money in my retirement years.


ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

These new-fangled Shriners with their tiny Corvettes, hipster sideburns and green-tinted soda drinks scare me...

bon bon said...

we have a slew of youngsters here adapting the shriner lifestyle! whatever that may be. our son's friend is one. i think he joined when he was 23. he uses it to pick up chicks...then tells them they'll have to find their own ride home.

amy said...

do they make mini-cooper shriner cars?

bon bon said...

genius idea! mini, mini coopers!

Jeff said...

They would definitely need the jaws of life to extract that first guy if he ever had an accident.

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