07 August 2007

pug forlorn

pug forlorn

Kensington doing a respectable seal imitation. "Please don't club me!"
Nigel in the background to the right, pretending to be a speed bump.

You're going to see fewer posts from me the next few months. I've got a few projects requiring my attention. I guess it all depends on how quickly things move along. I'll try to check in two or three times a week as not to lose the six readers this blog has acquired. In the meantime, Dan is always good for some laughs and half-truths. Go see what he's up to!


Dan said...

Looks less like a seal and more like Yoda to me.

Good luck with the Top Secret Project

thechrisproject said...

Best of luck with finding a new job, taking over a business, and bringing home the bacon. And bread.

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck in ALL of your ventures. It's stressful stuff, this business of making big changes, I know, but keep the faith! You're a smart, talented chick. Plus two pugs and a whole bunch of friends got your back.

Olive said...

Oops, that was me talking just now.

Greg said...

I'm with Olive. Smart and talented is a powerful combination. I'm going to add tenacious. That, along with all the benefits of having a great partner, means you're going to (eventually) get what you want. And when you do, it's all going to be good.

tlc said...

The trick to the five year question is this: What role to you see me playing within your company in five years? Are there opportunities for advancement?

A very common interview tactic.

Greg and Olive are right on too. Remember, dinner at Joel's every Friday for the next seven years. He doesn't even have to be there.

bon bon said...

gee, thanks guys! i'm a little vaklempt reading all your kind words! although, i'm an emotional mess these days, so it really requires very little effort to put me over the edge.

altering joel's life in the process is a minor adjustment that i'm sure he's behind 100%! he can just leave the key under the mat. we'll even make sure artimus gets fresh water.

April Elizabeth said...

hes adorable!

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