30 August 2007



Holy crap, I took a lot of Sketchy photos this month! I've got one more batch to go. Then I'll get back to shots of the pugs that I know you can't get enough of. Less boobs, but more rows of them.

My computer is getting bogged down with images and I can't quite figure out this Maxtor back up drive. It shows stuff being copied over, but then I don't know where to look to make sure it copied over. I want obvious answers dammit. Does anyone else have a Maxtor One Touch III? I think they're taunting me with that title. It's like the EASY button at Staples. The secret is, it's just a big fake button. It doesn't actually do anything. And now the Maxtor One Touch! It will back up all your files with one touch! *Boop!* Done! Oh, but don't try looking for them. They're there, baby. Chill.

I was reading that verbatim from the back of the box.

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