05 August 2007

a blue ribbon at the state fair

a blue ribbon at the state fair

Glenn shot this. My hands were too dirty to work the camera as you can see. This cabbage is growing in my parents' garden. One of several this size. Practical everything growing there looks like it may have come from the box of radioactive seeds that washed ashore on Gilligan's Island. For perspective, I'll remind you, that this is a 37 pound pug. I repeat. Big honkin' cabbage.

However, we're not too big on cabbage. (How'd ya like that turn of phrase?) Instead, Mom sent us home with onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, red potatoes and corn. Tonight we had some potatoes and corn on the grill. My god, it was good. I believe we may just have that for supper every night this week. I guess that's a forewarning to tlc who plans to join us Tuesday evening! Oh, Dad put a big bag of apples in the car before we left too so there could be a pie in your future! If anyone else cares to drop in, just write me for directions.


tlc said...

Oh yeah!!! I could bring meat. Got 4 ostrich patties in the freezer ...

I believe I'll be talking Anita into something chocolatee. (is that a word?)

Dan said...

That's one big sprout.

bon bon said...

t—i was going to make some kabobs, some with steak, some with chicken. sound good?


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