30 August 2007



Holy crap, I took a lot of Sketchy photos this month! I've got one more batch to go. Then I'll get back to shots of the pugs that I know you can't get enough of. Less boobs, but more rows of them.

My computer is getting bogged down with images and I can't quite figure out this Maxtor back up drive. It shows stuff being copied over, but then I don't know where to look to make sure it copied over. I want obvious answers dammit. Does anyone else have a Maxtor One Touch III? I think they're taunting me with that title. It's like the EASY button at Staples. The secret is, it's just a big fake button. It doesn't actually do anything. And now the Maxtor One Touch! It will back up all your files with one touch! *Boop!* Done! Oh, but don't try looking for them. They're there, baby. Chill.

I was reading that verbatim from the back of the box.

25 August 2007

where's bill?

where's bill?

For those of you waiting for the rest of my Dr. Sketchy photos, I apologize. I have one excuse after another these days as to why I'm so sorely lacking in my duties. All legitimate, all boring. Meanwhile, please accept this image I took a while back, as a small reminder that I once had time for creativity in my life.

You may need to look closely to see my slight alteration.

19 August 2007



Another Dr. Sketchy's for the history books! Seana did a fantastic job! Posing motionless is asking a lot of a professional dancer. She did get in some dancing though as Olive had the audience draw her in motion for one of the contests. We also had posession of the Traveling Dr. Sketchy sketch book this month, so I intend on taking photos of our additions to it before sending it on to another city. If you were one of the illustrators who participated, watch our flickr group later this week. I'll try to get more shots uploaded the next few days. Other aspects of my life are seriously cutting into the fun parts!

Oh, I did go and see Superbad Friday night with my sons and a group of their twenty-something friends. Glenn didn't go because he had a freelance job to finish, but I'm quite willing to go see it again! This proves I have the humor level of a college-age male.

16 August 2007

check out my awesomeness...

Like this is news.

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
Green Lantern
You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

15 August 2007

evil beware!

evil beware!

Another shot from Wizard World. duh.

I should put up another poll before the weekend. That said, see below:

12 August 2007

hand me my gun that goes bang

hand me my gun that goes bang

I had to congratulate myself on this shot, for having enough temporary intelligence to have my camera around my neck. Yesterday, Glenn, Lynn and I headed down to Wizard World in Chicago, a big comic book convention, which may not be on the same level as San Diego's Comic Con, but it does have it's share of freak filled photo ops!

I was drying my hands when I noticed Catwoman standing between the stall doors. Certainly a good photo by itself. She was just standing there, fixated on one door, and I, being a genius for the obvious, decided to wait and see who would step out. Honestly, I imagined it to be a child, as there were tons of kids and families there in costume, and being a mom, I recall the days of standing by stall doors awaiting the announcement of "I'm done!"

So, my timing was perfect. The dryer stopped, I turned my camera on, the door opened, I snapped. It being Harley Quinn just made me a very rich person because now I can sell this image and retire, much like the guy who took the photo of the cat hanging from a branch and titled it, "hang in there, baby!" I'm guessing he is very rich today.

After doing all that talking about how awesome I am, Dan and Deb both tagged me with memes, so I will keep the theme of "me" going. (If you're still reading at this point, I would consider a stronger antidepressant medication.) I'll begin with Dan's because his first question is photography related...and I haven't come up with all of Deb's answers yet. Hopefully, I'll get to use the copy/paste feature before I'm through.

What is your top photography tip?
Be in the right place at the right time. See photo above. If that fails you, I'd have to say learn to compose and fill your frame. I don't care what type of equipment you own. For example, this was taken with a $20 camera. Ten thousand dollars worth of gear will not help you "see". The same goes for paintings. Study master illustrators and photographers. Go to museums. Absorb.

Are you a happy drunk?
I'm drunk right now! Do you perceive me as happy? Actually, I'm a sleepy drunk. The yawning commences after one drink. Jammies after two.

Why pugs?
Nature's clowns.

Do you regret any of your art purchases?
I only regret not being able to afford pieces. Several years ago, we could've bought a Gary Baseman original for $1000. We didn't have $1000. Fat chance ever seeing that price again.

What does it feel like being really old?
Your key word there is "feel". No signs yet of bunions, joints in need of replacing, or goiters. And come on, just look at me! Why, I was just told recently that a)I was the best looking woman at our class reunion, b)I look the same as I did in high school, and c)they couldn't believe I had two children in their twenties. I challenge you to find another 68 year old in this physical condition! :oP

So, now I should ask you: What does it feel like to look so old?

Deb's approach is much more polite, simply asking for:
7 Things About Me

1. Surprisingly, I do not like being the center of attention. I started blogging to get my photography seen, but realized I was getting more hits if I said a little something with each post. I try not to bore in the process. That said...

2. I can fold my tongue vertically and horizontally! It can also tie a cherry stem. Note: None of these things are as sexy as you've been lead to believe. (No, I do not have this on tape to prove this point.)

3. My brother, whom I list below in my links, is not my brother. (shock and horror!) My real brother, also named Keith, read my blog for the first time and was hurt because it wasn't him. Although I don't know what he was expecting to see. My "other" brother, Keith, is really my ex-brother-in-law from my first marriage. I received him in our settlement.

4. I lived in Japan for 7 months. I also hate Japanese food. So a good diet tip would be to pick a food you hate, then live among that culture. I'm thinking I could use a two week vacation to Scotland right now.

5. I've suffered with migraines my whole life. As a child, there weren't any meds for it yet (my being 68). I came off as a ten year old drunk hugging the toilet on a regular basis. The doctor told my parents I would grow out of it. I seem to recall his name was Dr. Fuken Quack.

6. I never learned to count beyond 6.

10 August 2007

slight yellow

slight yellow

Click here to see the original version. I was playing with a photoshop infrared technique on this one.

Hey everyone! Thanks for responding to my latest poll! You've help to prove a point actually. Receiving one flower a week can become routine, which is never good. However, telling your spouse that it's not necessary to bring you a flower every week can also create a feeling of ungratefulness if your spouse is highly sensitive. So, be warned.

Take the following into consideration: When you first have that special someone over for a home cooked meal, at the end of the evening they thank you and tell you it how delicious it was! At about the 6,437 meal you realize the honeymoon is over. Glenn knows I'm just shitting him. We'll still a couple of love birds! This is just my round about (public) way of reminding him it's been some time since I received flowers.

07 August 2007

pug forlorn

pug forlorn

Kensington doing a respectable seal imitation. "Please don't club me!"
Nigel in the background to the right, pretending to be a speed bump.

You're going to see fewer posts from me the next few months. I've got a few projects requiring my attention. I guess it all depends on how quickly things move along. I'll try to check in two or three times a week as not to lose the six readers this blog has acquired. In the meantime, Dan is always good for some laughs and half-truths. Go see what he's up to!

06 August 2007

zebra feather

"name this photo"

I'm tired, so all witty titles elude me. I'm open to suggestions. Winner gets their title above my photo! Gee, won't that be swell?

05 August 2007

a blue ribbon at the state fair

a blue ribbon at the state fair

Glenn shot this. My hands were too dirty to work the camera as you can see. This cabbage is growing in my parents' garden. One of several this size. Practical everything growing there looks like it may have come from the box of radioactive seeds that washed ashore on Gilligan's Island. For perspective, I'll remind you, that this is a 37 pound pug. I repeat. Big honkin' cabbage.

However, we're not too big on cabbage. (How'd ya like that turn of phrase?) Instead, Mom sent us home with onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, red potatoes and corn. Tonight we had some potatoes and corn on the grill. My god, it was good. I believe we may just have that for supper every night this week. I guess that's a forewarning to tlc who plans to join us Tuesday evening! Oh, Dad put a big bag of apples in the car before we left too so there could be a pie in your future! If anyone else cares to drop in, just write me for directions.

03 August 2007

shriners: a three part study

shriners: a three part study

Nothing special here. Just that shriners in tiny cars amuse me. These guys were headed to the parade in town a couple weeks ago. For some reason they always buzz down our street. Usually fifteen miles over the speed limit. Fez tassles flying. It never fails that one or more break down and need to be towed after the parade. Two foot mechanics are hard to come by, after all.

We're headed up north for a family reunion on my Dad's side for the weekend. I'll be sure to record any activity where people are shit-faced. I may need some blackmail money in my retirement years.

01 August 2007

a madison staple

a madison staple

I don't know a whole lot about Mr. Stevenson. I can send you here for a little background on the man, and here for a sample. But it's a safe bet to say someday his music will be playing inside the Wisconsin State Historical Museum.

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