16 July 2007

you're gonna get so scared

you're gonna get so scared

You know how I said we didn't buy anything at the art fair? What I meant to say was, we didn't buy anything Saturday! Yesterday we went back and blew a wad on this baby. I'm weak. Actually, we've been seeing Nicario Jimenez's work for years now, and ten years ago, we probably wouldn't have been able to afford it. So every year we just walk through his booth amazed over the detail and how he puts his heart and soul into these miniatures called retablos. Go to his site and click on his name for his background. I don't think the gallery does justice to his work, but maybe he wants it that way. As he mentions, other people are using his name to sell similar pieces. The card I have, says he also has a retablo on permanent collection at the Smithsonian! We've already told our boys, our purchases now may not impress them, but when they start auctioning off our art in fifty years, they'll be able to afford that condo in Florida!

Or come to find out, we had shitty taste.


Luke said...

It'll all be thrown in a box and sold on eBay as "Box (With some art stuff)"

tlc said...

Harsh. But funny!

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