17 July 2007

three crows in a fountain

three crows in a fountain

Technically, it's a pool but that would have been even more lost on you.

I'm headed down to Chicago tomorrow night for an outdoor concert. Unless it rains, then I'll be back here pouting.

Oh, about the poll below! Maybe I should've warned people it was down there, or let it run a little longer then two days. Or started a campaign to drum up votes for Groucho! Unfortunately, I did none of those things. In turn, I'm highly disappointed in all of you.

Tom Selleck. baaaah!


Dan said...

Tom Selleck is a god among men. He was in Three Men and a Baby for gods sake.

I don't even know who Rollie Fingers is

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

I voted for 'cats who look like Hitler' but I was too late; it had closed.

thechrisproject said...

I read your blog in a feed reader (bloglines) so I didn't even know there was a poll! Drat!

Luke said...

Groucho's mustache wasn't really there anyway.

bon bon said...

luke–that's what made it so awesome!

here's some rollie fingers action for you, dan.

i'll start a new poll for the weekend...

Luke said...

I did try to vote for Rollie, but I was too late.

tlc said...

Tom Selleck is a man among men -- of course he had to win! Remember, vote early and vote often.

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