29 July 2007

they go up

they go up

Backstage at the Majestic.

Haven't taken any photos this week. It's too hot and dry. I'm working too much. Two good reasons for not picking up a camera.

We helped Olive move today. It was basically four carloads of costumes. You should really go check out her photos as she had a very unique experience this weekend that clearly out does anything I've done...in my lifetime.


Olive said...

A bazillion kisses to you & the guy you sleep with for the HUGE help moving today. Yeah, four carloads of costumes sounds about right. (How many pounds of that was shoes?!) Thank you SO much.

As for my recent unique experience, yes, it certainly was and a wonderful one at that. But I do seem to recall having heard a few tales of your own curious adventures that rival it, m'dear!

bon bon said...

why, wanteva do you mean?!

just kidding. don't answer that. some mysteries must remain.

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