11 July 2007

a suspense filled evening

a suspense filled evening

I was in the process of taking some lovely photos of crap, this book included, when Kensi decided she needed some lap time. Glenn is behind the camera for this one, and we hadn't really planned this shot. I just grabbed the book to look studious and discovered that each time I gasped, Kensi would turn and look at me as if to say "what just happened?!" I found it pretty adorable. I'm pug-gullible like that. Normally, I'm not too keen on posting photos of myself, but humor trumps self image any day.

Not to mention you get to indulge in a little cleavage action! Oh yeah, I'm gonna get the hits now, baby!!

UPDATE.... I should mention we went to concerts on the square again tonight, and I was checking my peep's links below and noticed that tlc has already posted an image of Olive and myself from tonight's event! Looking quite as you'd expect listening to a live orchestra. Wow, first you never see me, now you wish I'd crawl back under that rock.


Olive said...

A darling photo of you both!

The Deviates? The *Deviants* seems more likely in your case, PK.

tlc said...

What a terrific mother/daughter moment!

amy said...

Adorable. (Both of you).

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