23 July 2007



Just when you think I'm going to lay another innocent image of my Gramma on you. Wham! Some t&a comin' atcha! Seriously, I'm not really going for any specific niche here, am I? The sixteen people who frequent this blog have probably come to expect the unexpected by now, and it would be safe to guess, you're just as fucked up as I am.

Friday: Kittens bowling! Stay tuned!!



ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Your Granma is hot...oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

Bravo .....

Jeff said...

I have to hurry and write this before Chris Hansen catches me.

This is very nicely done. Did you take it?

bon bon said...

yes. thanks!

i have many more to process so stayed tuned! if you go to my flickr account (by clicking the image), you can see shots from previous dr. sketchy events. i have some marked for friends only, but the work around is going to the dr. sketchy madison group.

now you're all stealth and shit...

alt–gramma said to tell you she could use a foot massage when she gets out of those boots.

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