29 July 2007


I just discovered that Dan @ All That Comes With It, has tagged me, so I will commence to bore you with the following topic titled: Birth - School - Work - Death in one sentence each.

Birth: "The news just announced Kennedy's been shot, but I can't hear anything over that screaming kid!"

School: "We think she has great potential, if she would just exert herself."

Work: "You're a great asset to our organization, yet I'm at a loss to figure out where all this anger comes from."

Death: "We warned her that the running of the bulls was not a wise vacation choice for an eighty-eight year old."

In turn, I tag Alt-[Frames], and TLC

I have some appropriate accompaniment for this post, but Dan will to have to teach me how to share a protected song.


Dan said...

You need to burn it to CD (as a regular CD that you could play in a regular CD player, not as an MP3) then copy the track back to itunes from your freshly minted CD.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, although you loose a CD in the process.

bon bon said...

well, since our burner at home has um...complications (i choose to blame the burner and not the operator), things are never as easy peasy as i hope. i'll see what i can pull off at work...

tlc said...

I tried to download the file and the 'puter says it did, but I can't get it to play. Of all the bad luck!

I answered the meme. Thanks a lot Dan for making me think of something other than work. Uh, yeah.

bon bon said...

yeah, that'd be my fault. if and when i get around to following dan's advice, i'll clue you in...

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