14 July 2007



I consider myself fortunate to live thirty-five minutes from downtown Madison. Some well needed culture just a quick buzz up the interstate. This weekend is Art Fair on the Square, which we've attended every year for as long as Glenn and I have been together. This is the first year, however, we did not make a purchase. Nothing really jumped out at us. Well, I did like these handmade purses, but that's a little harder to justify as an art investment to your husband.

"The square" of which this art fair takes place, is the block surrounding the capital and is beautiful in of itself. All too often I simply run inside the building to do nothing more than take a pee while all the tourists are standing with necks cranked back, admiring the ornateness of it all. Every once in a while, I remind myself to look up.


amy said...

I miss Madison. Sniff.

Harmonica Man said...

I thought this rotunda looked familiar. The last time we were in Madison we stopped here and cranked our necks back too!

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Wasn't this building in Bowling for Columbine? Or, The Big One?

bon bon said...

amy–minneapolis has it's perks too! are you guys coming back this weekend...?

h.m.–many people just lay on the marble floor in the center. saves the neck and feels good on a warm day.

alt–don't recall him being here filming. i know he's been on campus though. and most likely filling up on brats somewhere. ;o)

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