13 June 2007



Not many photos exist of Grampa clean shaven. He always had some type of whiskers growing. This was taken at his sister's wedding reception out in the front yard, so it was probably Gramma's request that he shave for the occasion. She doesn't appear to have any qualms about him wearing a strainer however.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen him w/o facial hair, if didn't know what the theme of these pics are about I wouldn't have known who it was!


amy said...

As the mother of a boy who likes to wear hotel ice buckets on his head, I find it quite fetching.


bon bon said...

J—actually, i'm seeing more photos of him without his whiskers as I keep looking. i think mainly before he and gramma married. he was fairly young yet though.

amy—now that you mention it, i have a shot of Cub as a child with a lard bucket on his head! yes...lard.

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