19 June 2007

quite a catch

quite a catch

Round two. Last batch tomorrow. (See them all on my flickr account by clicking the image.)

Did I throw everyone by shooting with a lensbaby this month? I thought it would give my shots a nice aquatic look. You're probably thinking more along the lines of "why is everything so blurry?"

That's my pal, Joel, there in the front row. I believe he owes me for saving him that seat. Wouldn't you say?


Olive said...

Hey, I'm really diggin' the lensbaby. Makes it all look so dreamy. And the blurriness is just like I experienced it in real life after that killer whiskey.

bon bon said...

it's a good thing you're not still drunk then! not sure what doubling the effect would have on you.

you did a fantastic job just the same! and while wearing a tail!! that's resume material right there.

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