09 June 2007

my heritage

my heritage

I gave myself a project that I'm not too sure I'll be able to accomplish by the end of July. My Gramma turns 85 on the 31st, and I was hoping to scan in and clean up a bunch of family photos, and have a book made by then. So far, it's slow going, as this is my first photo. I know, I'm pathetic. I blame work. (The Dark Crystal comes to mind with skeksis draining gelfings of their vital essence, but I'd probably lose most of you with that reference, so I'll forge on.)

This shot is of my Grampa (my Ma's Dad) after butchering a pig, obviously. Hamming it up! Har har. Taken around 1945, as other photos from this time show my mom as a little girl. Grampa was a dairy farmer/carpenter. I think they raised pigs and chickens on and off over the years, but just for their own dinner table. In case you can't tell, Grampa was quite a character, and I have several photo albums sitting here proving that. He past just fours years ago now, and he was a wise-ass until the very end. Which causes me to reflect on my own sophisticated and mature demeanor.

Also, this image "freaks my husband out a little", which is no surprise because my family has been freaking him out since day one.


Dan said...

I can see the family resemblance.

(ho ho, comedy!)

Olive said...

Wow. Excellent, weird, creepy, funny photo. Makes me think of Ralph Eugene Meatyard's work. For example and here for another. Curious to see what other images your family photo project yields.

thechrisproject said...

How are you publishing the book? I've been looking at self-publishing options lately and I'm curious what other people have found/used.

bon bon said...

dan—set myself up for that one, didn't i...

olive—interesting stuff! i'm sure grampa was gong strickly for the laughs here.

chris—guess i haven't looked that hard yet. i see that iphoto has that option (even though i don't use the program). i was gonna drop the images in there just for this book.

Luke said...

Dark Crystal! Hah!

How many times did I make you watch that?

bon bon said...

one too many, obviously.

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