07 June 2007

just putting groceries away

just putting groceries away

Kitchen counter. Late afternoon. Sweet, sweet lighting.

You realize it's almost the weekend, right? Time for another...

I've been working some crazy ass hours. Which has given me little time for researching area events. But I know you've all come to plan your weekend according to what I say, and I hate to let (the both of) you down!

Have you noticed that I push the area of Mount Horeb quite a bit but never go there myself? Hmmm? Odd. Anyway, this weekend is the Mount Horeb Spring Art Tour. Nothing too cutting edge art-wise, but a nice drive through some lovely terrain. Plus Father's Day is coming and you know how much he's always wanted a painted gourd.

Sunday {correction noted} we'll be heading to Madison for Mounds Dog Fest! Which, (pet peeve warning ahead!) is one of the few things you can do with your dog, in southern Wisconsin! Or America, for that matter. Sure, we have a couple of dog parks, and several restaurants with outdoor dining allow your dog on a short leash (summer only), but we are a far cry from Europe where dogs calmly wait for their owners at store fronts. Or at a cafe table, eating off their plate! What the hell are we so afraid of? Pug attacks? Seriously, google that and see what carnage you get. On the other hand, don't 'cuz it's boring as hell.

This weekend is also Verona's Hometown USA Festival which yes, sounds very, very lame. They'll have shit like dunk tanks and a car show and blah, blah, blah, BUT they managed to squeak in a tiny bit of hipness by having The German Art Students playing on the roof of the Park Bank this Sunday! The web site says at noon, but I read 11am somewhere else. Best to get there at 11, right? If it means having to watch a guy make balloon animals for an hour, it's not the end of the world. Actually, this band wouldn't mind you coming with balloons on your head. They love you for who you are.

[No offense, Verona. You are a lovely community with passionate people. Much like your Italian counterpart.]


Dan said...

great lighting.

bon bon said...

"thanks!" the sun.

Luke said...

One caveat about Mt. Horeb: Tons of Harley riders. All over. At all hours.

And these aren't your regular hard-working dirtbags, either; all of them are old WASPy looking fuckers. Think of any guy you've ever seen with a Corvette. Do you ever see anyone under 60 in a Corvette? You don't. Same now with Harleys.

bon bon said...

it's the lovely terrain, as mentioned! the 21st century's answer to sunday drivers.

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