12 June 2007

half full mentality

half full mentality

True story (as I remember hearing it), and a perfect example of what you could expect from this man—

Grampa frequented the local bars. One evening he was bragging to the bartender that he had a sixteen year old cow that still produced three gallons of milk per day!
"Bullshit." the bartender said, "no cow that old can make that much milk."
Soon after, another patron entered the tavern and sat down next to Grampa. He started the story again, "I've got a sixteen year old cow that gives two gallons of milk every day!" The barkeep chimed in, "Wait a minute! You just got done telling me it gave you three gallons!"
"Yeah," said Grampa, "but that was before you told me it couldn't."


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea what year this pic was taken?


ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

I love this man, even though he is long gone.

bon bon said...

J—i'm guessing mid 1940's, but the photos in the albums jump around a bit. gramma might be able to tell you.

alt—time to start a self-portrait project for your grandchildren...

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