15 June 2007

dog days

dog days

Sorry kids,

is being presented a day late. But, you can still catch either of these events...

The Lakefront Festival of Arts along the Milwaukee shore, got under way today. We went this evening already. It's always a good show. The artists are from all over the country, with plenty from Wisconsin thrown in. Represent! My faves (from newcomers) were these bracelets from Shellie Bender, and some amazing books by Sage Billig and Ben Buonaiuto. I could afford neither. Moving on.

Sunday is another installment of Dr. Sketchy's! So, my flickr account will soon fill up with images of half naked pirate booty! Tantalizing, isn't it? Come on down to High Noon Saloon from 2-5 to check things out. We're also offering a prize for best costume so dig out that Captain Jack outfit you bought last Halloween and thought you'd never wear again. A word of advice. Do not come dressed as semen. The joke is old, and we don't want to pay to have the bar cleaned.

That reminds me! Did you see the article about it in Isthmus' Daily Page? Angela and Glenn answer all you ever wanted to know, plus some things you don't. Even I learned something, the identity of phantom kitty! Wow, that's worth the read right there.

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BillyWarhol said...

yer Funny!!


i wish i could afford some o the Art i've seen over the years*


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