10 June 2007

chicken dinner

chicken dinner

Another shot of Grampa on the farm. I flipped this photo over to put it on the scanner and someone (probably Gramma) had written "chicken dinner" on the back. No date through. Where's the punchline in that?

Grampa is wearing his ever present striped bib overalls here. He'd put on a suit on occasion, like when Gramma would drag his ass to church, but for the most part, this is the only thing I ever saw the man wear. Year round. Of course, I didn't exist when this was taken, so in my memory he also has a mess of tousled white hair and a bushy white beard. In the summer, his shoulders would get as tan and rough as leather from plowing the fields, and in the winter, he'd come in from the cold barn with icicles hanging off his beard. My grandparents were as poor as dirt, but I recall them opening their home to people with even less. Plus the stray cats and dogs that people would drop off at the side of the road all seemed to find their way here. Folks seem to think that because they have a farm, they wouldn't notice one more. They could never afford to have any of these animals fixed, so there has been a steady stream of cats there since 1939.

Makes you wonder how they found so much humor in everything, doesn't it?


ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

My grandparents (on my mom side) were poor, as well.

On my dad's side, they were middle class Evangelicals.

Unfortunately, there are precious little oral or written histories, since I never really knew any of them.

bon bon said...

i've always been a bit fascinated with genealogy. my dad's side is a bit more removed too, but only because mom's parents were right next door, and great-gramma lived across the road. and that was the "neighborhood".

needless to say, the goodies in my trick or treat bag out there in farm country was minimal.

Anonymous said...

I love these pics, I can't wait to see the finished product. Are we going to do anything else for her B-day. She loves going down to the woods!

Thanks for the help yesterday, believe it or not there was only two other people in the car with me, bunch a loud mouths!


Anonymous said...

I never saw the Pig pic, Looking back I wish I didn't spend the majority of my childhood being afraid of him. Why I was afraid of him I don't know, he looked like a skinny Santa.


bon bon said...

you were?! i didn't realize that!

i'm all for taking gramma down to the woods for her birthday!...wait, that doesn't sound right.

Luke said...

I just could never understand a word he said.

Anonymous said...

Luke: I know, so I never knew what to say back, so i just avoided him. I'm learning alot now though.


tria said...

why is it, that being the person to know him the least amount of time, I *could* understand him?!

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