23 June 2007

ale's what cures ya

ale's what cures ya

Kudos to whatever marketing team came up with that tag line. That's genius, right there. This is not ale, however. I am not a beer drinker. (Hard to believe being sixth generation Wisconsinite, right?) The Milwaukee Ale House also brews their own root beer. Mighty tasty too.

You may have noticed there's no Hip Replacement this week. I think it's run it's course. Wasn't filling enough seats so the shows canceled. Seriously, it was a bit too much effort for something that no one probably reads. Like this blog in general. And my job has become so much of a pain that even I'm not getting out and enjoying the weekend, so why should you? I'm kidding. You know I love you. You should really be enjoying the weekend for both of us! And in your spare time, finding me a new job.

Before I do decide to give in to the aid of something more potent then root beer.


Dan said...

Perhaps you should start doing a hip replacement for Huddersfield instead.

There's sheepdog trials going on today here for example (I think they are innocent personally).

Deb said...

I admit that Hip Replacement just made me sad for all of the cool stuff that Greg and I weren't doing because we have kids (and because we're square).

I definitely read your blog though.

bon bon said...

sheepdog trials. heh, good one...

i offered child friendly events, deb, so that is not exceptable as an excuse. being square is legitimate though.

SaS said...

I liked hip replacement. And I also read your blog. AND I've tried finding you a new job!

bon bon said...

ha! yes, you have! i just spent several hours updating my digital portfolio. yay! if i look tired tomorrow, that's why.

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