17 May 2007

you just missed tarzan

you just missed tarzan

Are you sick of these woods images yet? What can I say? It's very photogenic up in those parts.

Know what time it is? You got it! Time for...

You know you want it!

I try to base this to-do list on things I myself would want to do, by scanning the upcoming art openings and concert events. Sometimes I've gone to the event previously, other times, not. So, I thought it important to add the following disclaimer: Please attend the following at your own risk. Phantom Kitty and it's affiliates cannot be held responsible for your amount of enjoyment, or lack there of. Thank you.

You might think that Beloit is the sound a nickle makes when you drop it in a toilet, and you'd be right, but it's also a great place to stop this weekend for their annual Artwalk held Friday and Saturday. I'm told Friday evening is especially lovely seeing all the creativity as the street lights come up. No, it was not a hooker who told me that either.

If you need some place to take the kiddies, Saturday is opening day for this season's Circus World Museum in Baraboo. After all, who doesn't love a clown? Strike that...hmmm, who wouldn't strike a clown?! Yes, that's better. When you've had your fill of fresh elephant dung, fill up on wine! We try to pick up a few bottles of Von Klaus when in the area, because they only sell it locally. Some of the restaurants in town serve it too, so ask around.

That evening, Doc Watson is playing in Madison at the Overture Center if folk and bluegrass is your thing. I understand he's a great story teller as well.

Then Sunday, head over to the WORT Block Party. Lots of music and most likely some khlav kalash* being served up! (*get that reference, and I'll buy you one!)

But don't stay too late, 'cuz you don't want to miss Dr. Sketchy's! It's round two, and this time we snapped up a roller derby babe! Sharpen those pencils and get there early for best views of her tattoos! Prizes galore!

That's about enough for one weekend, wouldn't you say?

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