03 May 2007

what's on your mind?

what's on your mind?
Boy, everything's blooming right now, isn't it?

But now it's time for another episode of...

Keeping you hip to the happenings of where ever is it I am.

Friday, is Madison's gallery night! Worth checking out if art's your thang. Done it many times myself. Which, frankly, is why I'm skipping it this year. Oh, and because gas is $3 a gallon.

But you can pedal your ass down to Mifflin Street on Saturday for their annual block arty, 'cuz those peace-loving hippies are all about saving gas, hugging trees and the ilk. Just kidding, hippies! Although it still has it's share of war protesters and Bush-bashers, over the years it's become more of a reason for the college youngsters to test their alcohol levels and tip squad cars. Should be fun!

Before going, be sure to get your fill at the farmer's market on the capital square. (Car tipping takes energy, you know.) Check the calendar to see what's in season. The "fresh, hot, cheese bread" is always in! Kill if you must to get a loaf, then immediately devour over the top of your victim, leaving behind crumbs of victory!

Being around a few dozen preschooler isn't challenging enough for you? How about throwing some brain teasers into the mix! Head over to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee through Sunday to work that "mental muscle"!

Sunday is also Cinco de Mayo, but I don't speak Spanish so I have no idea what why they would celebrate a sandwich spread. Something is going on at the Wisconsin State Park, but I can't seem to find any details. I think it'd be safe to say, Chinese food and bagpipe music will be at a minimum.

Whatever you do, have a great time doing it!

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