06 May 2007

part 2: attack from below

part 2: attack from below

We put the tent up yesterday. There was talk of us sleeping in it last night, but you know how that goes when there's a perfectly good bed in a insect free bedroom just 20 yards away. So the pugs enjoyed rasslin' in it to break it in for the season. Kensi did anyway. Notice how her strategy is to attack from below. This is so by the time you look, she is under Nigel as if he is the aggressor. "Oh no, little me! I'm so innocent here on my back! Plus, I'm adorable! Why would I pick on anyone?" We caught on to her act ten minutes after bringing her home. Here, we had thought we picked the sweeter of the two from the litter. We're such suckers.

Alt-[Frames] has tagged me. Which requires I now have to think, curse him...

a) My five obsessions

1. Art. {photos, painting, seeing someone turn chewed gum into the recreation of the Alamo. i don't care. just inspire me}
2. Travel. {for just about those same reasons}
3. Family. {weird, unique, loud, crazy, dependable, and a laugh-riot}
4. Driving. {i most certainly do it better then you, so get the hell out of the passing lane}
5. Pugs. {my sons are in their twenties and understandably no longer greet me at the door when i come home}

b) five reasons why I blog

1. Greg told me too and I'm easily swayed
2. To push myself into taking more photographs
3. Because talking to myself was socially unacceptable
4. Sleep is over-rated
5. Dude, I don't have cable

c) i’ll tag a few people if interested:

1. Greg 'Cuz he's been slacking too much lately
2. Dan Which I feel real bad about 'cuz I just checked his blog and I see someone else has tagged him. Real bad, honestly.

Aside from Alt, I don't anyone who 1)keeps much of a blog, and 2)reads mine. So, my time here is done.


Anonymous said...

I don't blog, but I do read your's most everyday. tlc

bon bon said...

starting a blog is much like eating one potato chip...


Anonymous said...

It is on my list of things to do before I die. Gotta say this for Kensi, she is just so dang entertaining! tlc

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