15 May 2007

nature's palette

nature's palette

I darkened the shadows on this just a bit, but that's all that was necessary. I'm always leery of going extreme, and over-doing the saturation. I see that a lot, and although it may make for a stunning photo when your sky is neon and your leaves are the color of God's snot, what point have you made except to say "wow, look what Comm-U can do!"

Being an artist, I'm not sure why this bugs me. If it were a painting with wacky vibrant colors, I'd probably be creaming over how the light jumps off the canvas, blah, blah, blah. But when it comes to potatoshop, it's harder to impressed me. The same goes for what some people throw together into compositions. Aunt Ester cannot be lit from the left, when it's very apparent from Uncle Hank's bald spot that the sun is directly above. Ok, so I'm a total potatoshop snob who can't view something awful's photoshop phriday without picking each one apart.

Meanwhile, you're having a field day with my grammar! Lot a nerve you've got, coming here, pal!

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