01 May 2007

kickin' ass and takin' names

kickin' ass and takin' names

I'll stop with the derby photos after this. I'm sick of looking at the thumbnails at this point. I tossed half out without even opening them. Some seemed a little repetitive. How many times can you shoot girls skating around a track, right?

It is that time of year, after all, when everything is photogenic. I just did a quick count and it appears I took 406 photos in the month of April. You should be thankful I limit myself to uploading one a day. However, it's more likely you're thinking, "man, she sure lets a lot of shit filter through!"

Hey! I heard that!


thechrisproject said...

When I'm trying to sludge through hundreds of pictures from one event (I took over 700 at derby), I sometimes wish I only took 400 pictures last month. Lightroom tells me I took over... well, it's a lot.

But I got some good derby ones! I put a gallery up at my Picasa site.

Those are my 103 best from the night. What a night! Now I need to process the ones from the after-party.

bon bon said...

wow, i'm bored after uploading three! are they paying you? that would be my incentive for going crazy.

thechrisproject said...

No, no money yet. I still haven't made it to that point with my photography. Any suggestions on it would be appreciated.

John the Monkey said...

You've chosen the ones you uploaded well, in any case - I like this one a lot.

I guess shooting fast moving stuff like this is different in some ways (more bracketing, more shots i nseries), but I struggle to use much more than 70 shots a location these days - I carry four compact flash cards, but haven't changed them out of the D70 in ages. I guess you can add 30-40 ish 35mm shots to the total too, but 700?

You guys are hardcore, no doubt :)

bon bon said...

chris—you assume i've made money.

john—i only took around 100 shots that night, knowing i'd end up tossing half. chris has me beat by quite a factor.

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

I'd like to shoot lots and lots, but that means hours at the computer, and since I basically write code all day or datamine till the cows come home - the last thing I want to do is slave around on the computer for too long.

By the way, this pic makes me LOL b/c the chickies look bored and distant while skating at 25 mph.

bon bon said...

digital is pretty convenient. i believe our monkey man is all about film. indeed, better output, but i wouldn't have been able to afford shooting 6 rolls of film just for my own amusement.

i'm a graphic designer so i know where you're coming from. example? my right arm has been numb for three months now.

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