14 May 2007

in the woods

in the woods

So this was our view Saturday evening from just outside our camper. Pretty sweet, isn't it? The view isn't bad in any direction actually. This land is my dad's pride and joy! The man has three children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, but I think time spent in these woods is greater then a total of time spent with all of us! Of course, we have jobs and school. He would be all for taking us with him, showing us each new growth, or rut by a passing bear. This piece of land is his job and his school. There's paths to clear, deer to track, apple trees to spray, wood to chop.

A couple years ago, I got him a journal for Christmas in hopes that he'd keep track of when he does what, so that we can keep the beauty of these woods going. Yesterday, he was describing to me how he planted 90 pine trees then hand fertilized each one. I asked if he wrote that down in his journal. He simply responded with "who's got time to write?!"

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