24 May 2007



I still have a way to go with processing Dr. Sketchy photos. Maybe I'll be done before the next one rolls around.

Hey! Know what? It's already time for

Only problem is, I'm heading to Chicago this weekend, so the hip-factor in Wisconsin will be low. Ah-hem!

June is Dairy Month! Wait, it's still May...oh well, get a jump on it by attending one of our state's many farm breakfasts. This Saturday in Monticello is the Green County Breakfast on the Farm. Get there early because that chubby kid at the end of the table is wolfing down all the sausage links.

Also starting Saturday, it's Marsupial Madness at the Milwaukee County Zoo! That's just what I'm calling it, btw, so don't ask for tickets for that. Two koalas are coming our way via the San Diego Zoo, and will be on loan throughout the summer. So, there's no rush really. It would probably be wise to take off some weekday and go, when you'll get more quality viewing.

Don't let their boring website fool you. The UW Arboretum is a beautiful spot. And this Saturday they're having a night walk from 6:30-8. Photo op!

Ok, that's a less then exciting list. But like I said, I'll be in Chicago, so you'll just have to find your own fun this weekend. (God, you guys are so ungrateful.)


Nosey Rosey said...

What's going on Chicago?

nosey rosey said...

oops- What's going on IN Chicago?

bon bon said...

what's it worth to ya?

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