11 May 2007





This weekend—

answers the age-old question..."How can I be as cool as bon bon?" I know! Right?

Not cool enough to load these photos in order of there happening this weekend however.

First up, I read somewhere that Jason Tractenburg was playing tonight (Friday) at Cafe Montmarte in Madison. He is sans wacky family, but Jason (second image) is plenty wack if music set to slide shows is your thing. I'm not finding the details now though, so call ahead on that one.

Saturday, the king of Surf Guitar hits the High Noon! Dick Dale (third image) goes through guitar strings much like you will go through underwear while watching him! Ok, that doesn't make a lot of sense, but the analogy part of my brain doesn't wake up until 10:00 or so.

You should probably just put a tent up in High Noon's parking lot. That way you'll be first in line Sunday for Wanda Jackson! Not familiar with the Queen of Rockabilly? God, I don't know how you kids today keep your pants up, you're so un-hip. Seriously, this woman is still a powerhouse. If you don't have a mother, go to this concert and tell other attendees that's your Mom on stage. Just for fun. Or, take your Mom for Mother's day, and yell "why can't you be more like that?" Either way, you're bound to draw attention. I'm not promising it'll be positive, that's all.

So, how's that for an old-skool lineup?!


John the Monkey said...

Oh my word - what a line up!

yelobuell said...

Thanks bon bon- always nice to see whats happening in Madison.
I am not nearly as cool as you!

bon bon said...

yeah. what can i say? i'm thinking i should have a posse to keep reaffirming this. also to distribute me my sleeping pills and wake-up pills at the correct intervals. i keep mixing them up.

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Madison is better than where I live: Laurel, MD - where we just had the Festival of Herbs & Tea.

* slashes wrists *

bon bon said...

lol! but you have your suicide girl winnings to remind you, life's worth living!

...i just found an update about jason tractenburg. he had to cancel.

also, i neglected to mention the grand opening of Sundance Cinemas in madison this weekend! woo hoo! all the hoity-toity madison elite will gracing the grounds attending sold-out showings of waitress. i'm thinking i'll wait a couple weeks for a matinee.

thechrisproject said...

I've been listening to Wanda Jackson all day on Rhapsody to get familiar. Now I can keep my pants up.

Anonymous said...

And a last minute addition for those of you born into the wrong era, John Scalissi of Monona will be performing at the ESBMA on Monona Drive Saturday night. He's a great Dean Martin impersonator, plus Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. will also be present and performing via channeling two other performers. Mitch Henck will be warming up the crowd at 8:00 doing stand-up. tlc

bon bon said...

glad to hear it, chris! are you going? you should. :o)

john scalissi?! i'm trying to influence the youth here, tlc!

so, rub on some ben-gay, have an early supper, drink a martini, light up a cigarette, then drive very slowly to see this show!!

i'm just shitting you. he does do a mean dean. plus, he has that whole "swingers" thing going for him. be sure to flash scalissi the devil horns. i hear that really pumps him up.

(i'm sorry. i can't stop. it's an illness.)

Anonymous said...

I meant Joe Scalissi - not John. Dang it. Joe, John, Jim, Joel, Jordon. Too may "J" names to keep track of!

Just got back from the show and it absolutely rocked! These guys are only in Madison once a year and the $$ is worth it! If you can stand an audience of mostly retired folk -- it's well worth the time and these guys will having you just rolling! tlc

ratpakr said...

The Rat Pack Reprise is back in Madison at the East Side Club Saturday, April 26th. There are some tickets left. But they are going fast. Call 608-270-9003 for your reservations.

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