31 May 2007

part guppy

part guppy

Collin was told to roll up his pants if he was going to play in the water. When has that ever worked? Case studies have shown that no matter how high you roll your pants, there's an 91% chance your pants will be wet enough to actually wring water from them. You can quote me. Few people believe anything I say anyway.

Not to mention, the 17% chance you'll come home with tadpoles in your pocket.

30 May 2007



Poppy buds are cooler looking than the flowers, in my opinion. They always remind me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I kept my distant while photographing these in case one opened up and decided to suck my brain out or some equally harmless thing.

29 May 2007


I was riding in tlc's car, when I spied this and insisted she pull over so I could get a shot. I can be pretty demanding like that.

She has a new blog, as you can see! Not only am I demanding, I'm influential! Or I simply like to pretend as such when I occasionally crawl out from under my rock.

25 May 2007



Wow, that is one huge martini glass!

Ok, I loaded another batch of Dr. Sketchy images into the flickr group. I have most of them set to private so the only way to see all the shots is to join the group. Aren't you glad you dropped by for that scoop? I've got about a dozen more to process so I'll finish them up when I get back on Monday. Then I'll put the R-rated stuff aside for a while and get back to all the bunnies and kitties I've become famous for.

Next month's we're having a pirate theme! Dress accordingly and you could win a prize...shhhh, don't tell everyone, 'cuz you want to win, right? Our model is none other than Chastity Dickums! How's that for a saucy whench!

24 May 2007



I still have a way to go with processing Dr. Sketchy photos. Maybe I'll be done before the next one rolls around.

Hey! Know what? It's already time for

Only problem is, I'm heading to Chicago this weekend, so the hip-factor in Wisconsin will be low. Ah-hem!

June is Dairy Month! Wait, it's still May...oh well, get a jump on it by attending one of our state's many farm breakfasts. This Saturday in Monticello is the Green County Breakfast on the Farm. Get there early because that chubby kid at the end of the table is wolfing down all the sausage links.

Also starting Saturday, it's Marsupial Madness at the Milwaukee County Zoo! That's just what I'm calling it, btw, so don't ask for tickets for that. Two koalas are coming our way via the San Diego Zoo, and will be on loan throughout the summer. So, there's no rush really. It would probably be wise to take off some weekday and go, when you'll get more quality viewing.

Don't let their boring website fool you. The UW Arboretum is a beautiful spot. And this Saturday they're having a night walk from 6:30-8. Photo op!

Ok, that's a less then exciting list. But like I said, I'll be in Chicago, so you'll just have to find your own fun this weekend. (God, you guys are so ungrateful.)

22 May 2007

guns, part 2

guns, part 2

One of the contests at Dr. Sketchy's this month, was for two sets of volunteers to recreate Crackerjack's gun tattoos on the belly's of two other volunteers. Who doesn't love exposed female skin, really! Terrorists maybe. Conservative Republicans would also be an acceptable answer. Just something to mull over...

Anyway, I'm going to attempt loading the rest of the Dr. Sketchy's images on flicker over the next (let's say) week, so if you're at all interested in seeing them, go here. But not right now, because like a said, over the next week. duh.

21 May 2007

guns, part 1

guns, part 1

If you've come looking for dr. sketchy photos, sorry for the delay. Been a long day. Work can suck like that. I still have about 60 images to go through and process. Hopefully I've got some winners for you...

If they suck, you can't blame Crackerjack! She was awesome! Seemed like she was enjoying herself on stage! She did admit though, that staying still for those long stretches was pretty challenging for her. She's used to a lot more action normally.

20 May 2007

fireside chat

fireside chat

They appear quite chimp-notized by the campfire's seductive glow.

Today we hit Dr. Sketchy's and I have many images to post. Alas, I'm a lazy s.o.b. so I leave you with that teaser for next time...

19 May 2007

union job

union job

What if bees had allergies? Tough break carrying around that little sack of pollen on your rear. Sorry, can't work today. My allergies are really acting up! In fact, I may have to quit and look for another line of work.

I think a bee would make a good accountant. Or maybe a cruise director. Something that would require you to be highly organized. On the other hand, it'd be hard to find a pen or clipboard that tiny.

17 May 2007

you just missed tarzan

you just missed tarzan

Are you sick of these woods images yet? What can I say? It's very photogenic up in those parts.

Know what time it is? You got it! Time for...

You know you want it!

I try to base this to-do list on things I myself would want to do, by scanning the upcoming art openings and concert events. Sometimes I've gone to the event previously, other times, not. So, I thought it important to add the following disclaimer: Please attend the following at your own risk. Phantom Kitty and it's affiliates cannot be held responsible for your amount of enjoyment, or lack there of. Thank you.

You might think that Beloit is the sound a nickle makes when you drop it in a toilet, and you'd be right, but it's also a great place to stop this weekend for their annual Artwalk held Friday and Saturday. I'm told Friday evening is especially lovely seeing all the creativity as the street lights come up. No, it was not a hooker who told me that either.

If you need some place to take the kiddies, Saturday is opening day for this season's Circus World Museum in Baraboo. After all, who doesn't love a clown? Strike that...hmmm, who wouldn't strike a clown?! Yes, that's better. When you've had your fill of fresh elephant dung, fill up on wine! We try to pick up a few bottles of Von Klaus when in the area, because they only sell it locally. Some of the restaurants in town serve it too, so ask around.

That evening, Doc Watson is playing in Madison at the Overture Center if folk and bluegrass is your thing. I understand he's a great story teller as well.

Then Sunday, head over to the WORT Block Party. Lots of music and most likely some khlav kalash* being served up! (*get that reference, and I'll buy you one!)

But don't stay too late, 'cuz you don't want to miss Dr. Sketchy's! It's round two, and this time we snapped up a roller derby babe! Sharpen those pencils and get there early for best views of her tattoos! Prizes galore!

That's about enough for one weekend, wouldn't you say?

16 May 2007

generation gap. about two feet.

generation gap. about two feet.

My Dad and his great-granddaughter, Aria, requesting the marshmallow be "lightly tanned". It took several attempts as a few got a bit too dark for her taste, and several of the perfect ones were stolen out from under her. Her patience was eventually rewarded. Today's Aesop's Fable: Good things comes to those to wait.

I'm guessing no one ever incorporated those stories into our president's childhood.

15 May 2007

nature's palette

nature's palette

I darkened the shadows on this just a bit, but that's all that was necessary. I'm always leery of going extreme, and over-doing the saturation. I see that a lot, and although it may make for a stunning photo when your sky is neon and your leaves are the color of God's snot, what point have you made except to say "wow, look what Comm-U can do!"

Being an artist, I'm not sure why this bugs me. If it were a painting with wacky vibrant colors, I'd probably be creaming over how the light jumps off the canvas, blah, blah, blah. But when it comes to potatoshop, it's harder to impressed me. The same goes for what some people throw together into compositions. Aunt Ester cannot be lit from the left, when it's very apparent from Uncle Hank's bald spot that the sun is directly above. Ok, so I'm a total potatoshop snob who can't view something awful's photoshop phriday without picking each one apart.

Meanwhile, you're having a field day with my grammar! Lot a nerve you've got, coming here, pal!

14 May 2007

in the woods

in the woods

So this was our view Saturday evening from just outside our camper. Pretty sweet, isn't it? The view isn't bad in any direction actually. This land is my dad's pride and joy! The man has three children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, but I think time spent in these woods is greater then a total of time spent with all of us! Of course, we have jobs and school. He would be all for taking us with him, showing us each new growth, or rut by a passing bear. This piece of land is his job and his school. There's paths to clear, deer to track, apple trees to spray, wood to chop.

A couple years ago, I got him a journal for Christmas in hopes that he'd keep track of when he does what, so that we can keep the beauty of these woods going. Yesterday, he was describing to me how he planted 90 pine trees then hand fertilized each one. I asked if he wrote that down in his journal. He simply responded with "who's got time to write?!"

13 May 2007



We headed up north to my parents' for Mother's Day. Spent Saturday night in the camper in their woods. Woke to rain. With a smile on my face.

This shot is from our backyard. I took plenty of photos this weekend, but it's late so they'll have to wait...

12 May 2007

nature's 'fro

nature's 'fro

Shooting with the lensbaby in the backyard. Got grass stains on my good pants. What I won't do for my adoring public.

11 May 2007





This weekend—

answers the age-old question..."How can I be as cool as bon bon?" I know! Right?

Not cool enough to load these photos in order of there happening this weekend however.

First up, I read somewhere that Jason Tractenburg was playing tonight (Friday) at Cafe Montmarte in Madison. He is sans wacky family, but Jason (second image) is plenty wack if music set to slide shows is your thing. I'm not finding the details now though, so call ahead on that one.

Saturday, the king of Surf Guitar hits the High Noon! Dick Dale (third image) goes through guitar strings much like you will go through underwear while watching him! Ok, that doesn't make a lot of sense, but the analogy part of my brain doesn't wake up until 10:00 or so.

You should probably just put a tent up in High Noon's parking lot. That way you'll be first in line Sunday for Wanda Jackson! Not familiar with the Queen of Rockabilly? God, I don't know how you kids today keep your pants up, you're so un-hip. Seriously, this woman is still a powerhouse. If you don't have a mother, go to this concert and tell other attendees that's your Mom on stage. Just for fun. Or, take your Mom for Mother's day, and yell "why can't you be more like that?" Either way, you're bound to draw attention. I'm not promising it'll be positive, that's all.

So, how's that for an old-skool lineup?!

09 May 2007



Still looking good considering he would qualify for AARP. And unlike the pugs, he actually comes when you call. He's slowing down a bit so we don't find as many gopher innards in the backyard as we used to.

So, did anyone watch LOST tonight? Who's more insane? The writers for putting in invisible people now, or me for sticking it out this long? I'm hanging in there until the aliens come and teach them all how to make a kick ass chili. Then, the island's inhabitants can co-exist peacefully. Oops, didn't mean to drop that spoiler.

I may have to start using the phrase "dropping a spoiler" for those times I have chili.

07 May 2007

part 3: why won't he play with me, mom?

part 3: why won't he play with me, mom?

"Maybe you should stop biting him in the face all the time!"

I'll move on from the pugs tomorrow. I felt this story needed to be told in it's entirety. (Although, like any director, I've made edits to extract the most emotion from my audience.)

06 May 2007

part 2: attack from below

part 2: attack from below

We put the tent up yesterday. There was talk of us sleeping in it last night, but you know how that goes when there's a perfectly good bed in a insect free bedroom just 20 yards away. So the pugs enjoyed rasslin' in it to break it in for the season. Kensi did anyway. Notice how her strategy is to attack from below. This is so by the time you look, she is under Nigel as if he is the aggressor. "Oh no, little me! I'm so innocent here on my back! Plus, I'm adorable! Why would I pick on anyone?" We caught on to her act ten minutes after bringing her home. Here, we had thought we picked the sweeter of the two from the litter. We're such suckers.

Alt-[Frames] has tagged me. Which requires I now have to think, curse him...

a) My five obsessions

1. Art. {photos, painting, seeing someone turn chewed gum into the recreation of the Alamo. i don't care. just inspire me}
2. Travel. {for just about those same reasons}
3. Family. {weird, unique, loud, crazy, dependable, and a laugh-riot}
4. Driving. {i most certainly do it better then you, so get the hell out of the passing lane}
5. Pugs. {my sons are in their twenties and understandably no longer greet me at the door when i come home}

b) five reasons why I blog

1. Greg told me too and I'm easily swayed
2. To push myself into taking more photographs
3. Because talking to myself was socially unacceptable
4. Sleep is over-rated
5. Dude, I don't have cable

c) i’ll tag a few people if interested:

1. Greg 'Cuz he's been slacking too much lately
2. Dan Which I feel real bad about 'cuz I just checked his blog and I see someone else has tagged him. Real bad, honestly.

Aside from Alt, I don't anyone who 1)keeps much of a blog, and 2)reads mine. So, my time here is done.

05 May 2007

tell me again why we got her?

tell me again why we got her?

Nigel has that crazed look because he knew Kensi was about to attack. He was right. You can never trust the cute ones.

03 May 2007

what's on your mind?

what's on your mind?
Boy, everything's blooming right now, isn't it?

But now it's time for another episode of...

Keeping you hip to the happenings of where ever is it I am.

Friday, is Madison's gallery night! Worth checking out if art's your thang. Done it many times myself. Which, frankly, is why I'm skipping it this year. Oh, and because gas is $3 a gallon.

But you can pedal your ass down to Mifflin Street on Saturday for their annual block arty, 'cuz those peace-loving hippies are all about saving gas, hugging trees and the ilk. Just kidding, hippies! Although it still has it's share of war protesters and Bush-bashers, over the years it's become more of a reason for the college youngsters to test their alcohol levels and tip squad cars. Should be fun!

Before going, be sure to get your fill at the farmer's market on the capital square. (Car tipping takes energy, you know.) Check the calendar to see what's in season. The "fresh, hot, cheese bread" is always in! Kill if you must to get a loaf, then immediately devour over the top of your victim, leaving behind crumbs of victory!

Being around a few dozen preschooler isn't challenging enough for you? How about throwing some brain teasers into the mix! Head over to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee through Sunday to work that "mental muscle"!

Sunday is also Cinco de Mayo, but I don't speak Spanish so I have no idea what why they would celebrate a sandwich spread. Something is going on at the Wisconsin State Park, but I can't seem to find any details. I think it'd be safe to say, Chinese food and bagpipe music will be at a minimum.

Whatever you do, have a great time doing it!

01 May 2007

kickin' ass and takin' names

kickin' ass and takin' names

I'll stop with the derby photos after this. I'm sick of looking at the thumbnails at this point. I tossed half out without even opening them. Some seemed a little repetitive. How many times can you shoot girls skating around a track, right?

It is that time of year, after all, when everything is photogenic. I just did a quick count and it appears I took 406 photos in the month of April. You should be thankful I limit myself to uploading one a day. However, it's more likely you're thinking, "man, she sure lets a lot of shit filter through!"

Hey! I heard that!

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