28 April 2007

yippee, it's lounging season!

yippee, it's lounging season!

We’ve got a problem that maybe someone reading this, might be able to offer a tip or two.

Nigel has to take 8 pills every day! He hates it, and is so stubborn and yet a little too smart! We have tried everything. He can smell it no matter what you wrap it in. bacon, butter, yesterday I tried a piece of caramel thinking it would be perfectly encased. Nope. He’ll eat the empty ones but he sniffs carefully first. It’s a little easier in the evening because he’s more of an afternoon gorger. One night, I fooled him by putting them in tiny bites of marshmallow, but I had to sit there pretending to be happily snacking away on marshmallows in order for him to be interested. But by the next day, he had caught on the pill-in-the-marshmallow trick. He’s such a little shit.

Usually in the mornings, we just force the pills down this throat. It takes both of us most of the time, and by the fourth one a lot of slime and foaming has been produced. (From all parties.) THEN the vet says he should eat something with these pills, but he’s lost all trust in us to feed him anything, so an hour later, he’s hurled, causing all the struggle to be for nothing basically.

If anything, he’ll be losing weight simply because he thinks we’re trying to poison him, so our goal will be the same either way.


Anonymous said...

My aunt had the same problem with her dogs. She used a small cube of cheese, cut out a small core, smashed in the pill and put the "cap" back on. She washed her hands between putting the pill in the cheese and putting the cover back on the package. She also gave a cube of cheese to her other dog at the same time. It's worth a shot.


bon bon said...

we've tried many a secret compartment. but maybe washing my hands in key...i'll keep you posted. thanks for the idea!

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