06 April 2007

olive from the archive

olive from the archive

I have no photos to share from last night's belly dancing outing. Your loss really 'cuz it was lovely and entertaining. Truth is we stayed busy eating, socializing and making plans for the upcoming Dr. Sketchy event here in Madison. As I mentioned before (although I'm too lazy to look back at what details I've offered), my husband is in cahoots with the lovely Olive Talique to get things successfully rolling, so that this may become the first of many burlesque/drawing adventures in our area! We're rather excited and surprised that we've beat Milwaukee and Chicago to the punch! We could get quite a turn out being the upper midwest's first cabaret life-drawing class (minus the class, as the web site says). We hope to attract artists from all over, but how many people can we cram around one lovely centerpiece? Or maybe no one is taking this seriously and we'll only get the few friends we've been hitting up about his. It's a hard call at this point. Either way, from what I know of Olive and her friends, it should be cheeky entertainment at it's finest!

This photo is from a few years back. Though I don't recall which one of us took it, it's from the front row at a Cherry Pop Burlesque show, with Olive shaking it like she means it...

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