01 April 2007



We've had a Holga, and a Polaroid back to go with it, for some time now, but today was my first time playing with it. I let my husband figure out all it's nuances before I started wasting film. As you can see there's a light leak coming in from the bottom right, which apparently wasn't there a few months ago when gp used it, but the film could be getting old at this point. But then, that's the joys of a Holga, I'm told.

I should've been paying better attention and kept the shed out of the shot. I was just happy they were both sitting still next to each other.


kerry said...

cool - it looks really old with the vignetting and light leak.

I have a holga too. Glenn and I were talking about them at stella's but I don't know what I'm doing. I only played with it once and forgot to get the film processed. I might have to get it out again now...

bon bon said...

i love it's effect too.

it's not too late to process that film. get those up on flickr, young lady!

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Who cares about the shed? If you're shooting the Lomo aesthetic, then it doesn't matter. When I have my Holga in hand, I care not for composition. Did you post this in the Flickr Holga pool?

Dooooo it.

bon bon said...

so far i've only joined the holgaroid group.

Greg said...

I think this is great; particularly now that you've told me what a Holga is and I found out that with your Polaroid attachment you can no longer use the viewfinder.

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