16 April 2007

heart of a nerd

heart of a nerd

Went to see "Heart of an Empire" at the film fest to check out all the storm troopers in the lobby. Pretty funny sight seeing all of them in casual conversation with whatever they would call us non-storm troopers. Gentiles, gringos, warm-blooded mammals? Anyway, had an interesting conversation with Darth about my camera. Turns out he owns a Rebel himself. Quite ironic really. Or more so the opposite of ironic. I'm gonna bail before this gets any deeper...


Dan said...


bon bon said...

ha!!! that shot is SO much better!

Anonymous said...

Stormtroopers? I thought they were the bouncers. At least that's what the really tall one whispered in my ear while you were messing with the flash. tlc

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