26 April 2007

bowling...it's so cool

bowling...it's so cool

...they play a promo on local radio stations saying that. Not sure if it's fooling anyone.

Hey, don't feel like bowling this weekend? I'm starting a new feature here at phantom kitty called Hip Replacement to tune you in to all the "hip" things going on in southern Wisconsin for the upcoming weekend. Don't laugh, there's a few. And "replacement", as in "I guess these things are better then anything I had in mind." Ready to rock? Read on...

Botham Vineyards is having an open house this weekend which includes a new gallery setting with some sort of fish theme. So, you can get tanked and...yeah that. Oh, and there's chocolate. Cha-ching! (Disclaimer: chocolate does not make that sound.)

While you're over in those parts, swing into Mount Horeb where they're having their city wide rummage sale...ok, that's not all that hip, but it could very well be kitsch! There are plenty of trolls there to be seen, after all! And if come back without stopping at the Mustard Museum, I will bitch-slap you.

Saturday night are the derby finals! U-S-A!! Seriously, America doesn't have all that much going for it these days, so take what you can. Plus, I'll be there! Say you know me and get a dollar off at the door! Just kidding, you'll get a blank stare and a "who now?"

SCOTS are playing at the High Noon Saloon on Sunday! Duck! Fried chicken coming your way! Meanwhile, check out the guitar detailing on their website!

I told you this would be hip, didn't I? Have I ever steered you wrong before? Well, except for that summer of '92 when I said, "we should go bowling!"


thechrisproject said...

I'll be at Derby taking hundreds of pictures. Go Quad Squad! Feel free to point me out to your companions and say, "Hey, I know that guy... from the internet!"

bon bon said...

alright! only i'm going to call it the "interweb". i'll take photos of you taking photos! heh heh.

(my husband has done a couple of illustrations for the dolls, so they sent him some tickets.)

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