17 April 2007

the birthday boy reflects

the birthday boy reflects

Today is Nigel's fifth birthday. He'd had what we thought was a cold the last two weeks. After a second vet visit last Friday, x-rays showed fluid in his lungs, and his diaphragm pressing into them. Turns out he has bronchitis, and his weight is definitely not helping the matter. The vet took blood work and discovered he has a thyroid condition. Which is good news, really. Nigel has always been heavy. He went from puppy chow to diet food at the age of one. People assume we're dropping him full turkeys and sides of mashed potatoes from the table, and letting him finish that off with chocolate cake ala mode. Not true. He gets the recommended amount of Science Diet, maybe two diet Iams biscuits a day, and a sliver of chicken mixed into his food. Yes, he is very determined to finish off my last bite of cheese or cookie by digging a hole in my leg until his demands are met, but even the vet said these are harmless amounts.

At long last, he is now medicated and will soon be "taking control of his weight". Just in time for swimsuit season!

Happy birthday, big guy. May you have many, many more...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nigel!
Is that why his breathing was so horrible sounding at Easter, or will he still sound like that?


Dan said...

Damn, I wish I had a thyroid problem instead of being a greedy swine.

Perhaps I need to start on Science diet too.

bon bon said...

well, he'll still sound like a pug...

ha! when the vet said we should be seeing weight loss within a month, my immediate thought was "can i get this miracle drug?"

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Nigel is damn cute, even if he is big-boned.

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