11 March 2007

worst schwaklakk ever

worst schwaklakk ever

Here are a couple of snapshots from last night's soap carving party. Schwaklakk has been a tradition at our house for twelve years now. Our tag line is "It's Good, Clean Fun!" though that's in relation to how much liquor is consumed. The phrase "worst schwaklakk ever" is uttered regularly as someone usually breaks off a vital part of their masterpiece or accidentally rubs soap in their eye. We were fortunate as no blood was drawn this year.

Our older son, Luke, attends another Schwaklakk party in Madison made up of his friends and coworkers. I believe theirs has grown to be larger than ours. Probably because his buddy has an open invitation on his web site, and better catering.

Greg and I talked in depth about Schwaklakk on his blog several years ago. You can read it here, though you'll need to scroll down to his March 15th entry.


Luke said...

Where the frack did the purple soap come from?

bon bon said...

ivory now comes in lavender and aloe scents...although sam proceeded to mutilate 5 of those 8 bars. punk kid.

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