15 March 2007

white stripes in black and white

white stripes in black and white

I'm digging through some film images to post as I haven't shot anything interesting in the last few days. No excuse really as trees are budding and cardinals are out in full force. But I'm sensing you'd rather see a concert photo from 2000. White Stripes opened for Sleater Kinney. Yes, I said opened. They immediately blew us away! But that shouldn't surprise anyone at this point.

Tonight we headed up to Madison to see some movie previews for the Wisconsin Film Festival. This will be my fourth time as a volunteer. I've become very good at yelling "THIS IS THE LINE FOR ADVANCE TICKET HOLDERS. IF YOU'D LIKE TO PURCHASE A TICKET, PLEASE GO TO THE RUSH TICKET LINE!" and things like that...now that I think about it...Why didn't I post a photo from a past film fest attendance? Because I'm dense, that's why...Too late to remove this one as people have commented on flickr since I've written. Shit.

So, prior to my ramblings, I wanted to mention what a very cool time we had meeting one of our flickr friends, Olive Talique! Luckily, she had the good sense to put a memory card in her camera this evening. She and gp have united their wonder twin powers, and are bringing a formal Dr. Sketchy event to Madison. How dope is that?! In your face Milwaukee and Chicago! So sharpen those pencils and stay tuned to any of our sites for details!

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thechrisproject said...

Wow, it would be great to see White Stripes and Sleater Kinney together, no matter who's opening for who.

That's a cool shot!

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