17 March 2007

lawyer dave

lawyer dave

We were out a bit late last night. We went to the Annex to see Holly Golightly in concert. I can say with pride, that being to two different bars, two nights in a row, I am finally an official Wisconsinite! Sixth generation? Bah! This is the clincher! Actually, I believe true bar flies are not going for the likes of concerts or film fest previews. When I get it figured out what people find appealing about just going and drinking, I'll be sure to let you in on it.

This photo is of Holly's back up band, the Brokeoffs. Lawyer Dave is the whole band, using his bare feet to keep the beat on two drums and some cymbals. To quote his site–"The group is largely self contained inside Dave with occasional members playing this or that depending on availability and/or the liquor situation." He played a great set of music all by his lonesome before Holly joined him, and I would go so far to say I liked his solo stuff better. (Bonus: His site offers free downloads. There are samples on myspace as well.)

Overheard drunken observation of the night: "Hey guys! She has a accent!"

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