26 March 2007

ridin' with chuck

ridin' with chuck

I was having some difficulty getting any good shots of the Midwesterners Saturday night. Bad lighting plus a drunk photographer does not make for high quality craftsmanship. I personally like this old shot much better. It was a fun evening out, nonetheless, hanging with Greg and Deb, and meeting Dan and Kerry. I hope Dan shares his experience of going to Blue Man Group with you...although it may be funnier with the visuals. And liquor.

I just spent three hours making a play list for myself in itunes. I hadn't updated my old mini with any new music for the past six months as the battery was on it's last leg, and would only charge long enough to play half a Shins album. But earlier this month, gp and Cub gave me an 8 gig nano for my birthday! They had put several KEXP podcasts on it, but I had listened to each of those several times now, so the time had come to bite the bullet and sift through the 1732 items on our itunes. Cub has the larger ipod which is the reason for it's full capacity. gp proceeded to simply purchase a new battery for my old mini (which I thought required sending away for, thus never getting to), so he's moved up from the shuffle. My older son, Luke and his girlfriend, Tria, each have the video ipod, so if you add in the music we've all purchased, we've invested a grand total of $700,012 in apple products. I shit you not. I'm thinking the dogs will look cute with those new shuffles clipped onto their collars.


ALT - [f r a m e s] said...


Pay my mortgage, k thanks....

bon bon said...

*exorbitantly emphasized for dramatic effect.

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