01 March 2007

an open letter to dan

an open letter to dan

Dear Dan,

I believe I actually let out a squeal when I opened the package you sent! The book is heartwarming and the illustrations tie in beautifully to the sentiment of the book. But, the real excitement came when I saw the cd! It wasn't necessary for you to include, as I had convinced myself I could wait twelve more days (and counting) until the US release of The Fratellis, but I'm so thankful you did as I sit here with my head currently swimming full of British pop! So far, I'm only up to the fourth song but could possibly orgasm before it's finished! There, I just stepped over the line of what we can say to each other! Hope that wasn't a shock to your reserved English demeanor. The sad part is, no one I know cares about my taste of music. I want to run up to someone and say "Look what Dan sent me! Look, dammit!!"

Now, what would you like in return? I can pay you (in lousy american dollars) when you arrive, or I'd happily have you and the Lee's over for a meal. Monster cookies included for Kerry. I've plenty of photos too, of course, if you find any of my work worth having in your home. Please let me know!

Thank you, thank you, Dan! It was extremely kind! I'm going to go dance around my kitchen now.

bon bon


Dan said...

Don't worry about giving us anything back, count it as repayment for that 1001 places to see before you die calander you donated to my in-laws. anything that encourages tham to leave the country can't be a bad thing.

Of course you do take some mighty fine photos.

bon bon said...

i'm happy to oblige! just let me know.

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