18 March 2007



What follows is a conversation between a photographer friend and myself. Feel free to add your two cents. It all started because I came across an image that was so saturated with color, it made my teeth hurt...

me>>> His guy (XXX) has some good shots and this one is nice enough, but don't you think the over processing of the colors is gimmicky? Is flicker really about getting 107 comments on one image, or would you rather get a few nice things said from people who's work you admire as well? 107(!) people saying "great color" on something completely oversaturated isn't a compliment. It's just telling you their rods and cones are in working order.

d>>> Forget about the comments part. Do you like what he is doing or not? I like the hyper saturation and contrast control. It seems to work well on flower pics where the colors may already be super vivid. XXX seems to REALLY like it as all his pics look the same. From what I've seen on flickr, it definitely seems like a popular trend to ramp up the colors for the masses. Good for selling calendars and getting fav'd, but maybe not an exploration of ones own visual expression. I totally agree with you as far as compliments from peers goes. But we also need to see our work as how successful it is to what we felt at the time of creation. "does it work for you? Great. Does it work for me? Better" bla bla bla bla

me>>> I guess I don't consider myself successful if someone's aunt hilda, who only takes shots of her cat in the center of her floor, LOVES my work. Sure, I appreciate her stopping and looking, but the general public also picked Norbit as the #1 comedy hit of the season! I suppose I'm trying to decipher human nature here and I shouldn't be. ;o)

Here's a young man worthy of all the praise! nouk b

d>>> This guy's got something to say and it shows in his work. In contrast, while very stunning to the eye, XXX's work is more commercial, he's giving the viewer what they want to see; the happy colors and pleasing compositions. They are totally different, but I would argue, both successful at what they are trying to accomplish. I have seen you make excellent images and you are prolific. who knows. maybe aunt Hilda used to work at MOMA. hahaha

me>>> ha!! Thanks for your imput. Guess I'll stick with my non-commercial ways, and hope hilda leaves me in her will if that's the case.


Anonymous said...

All I know is it is the sign from the Octopus Car Wash in Madison at night.


bon bon said...

you are correct! sorry for the diversion. i wanted to post that discussion with something, and octopus was both recent and generic enough to qualify as complementary.

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

I tweak colors on my pics when I can't find the right visual "note." In any case, some pics look better hyper-saturated, for a variety of reasons. However, I am new to the whole digital thing, and most of my pics in Flickr are film, either scanned at home or scanned from the local developer. No post-processing of any kind, and maybe it shows - to its detriment.

And, omg i <3 norbit!!!11

bon bon said...

i'm all for tweaking, and you're both right some photos could use the boost. his guy's stuff was all so extreme the praise was just annoying to me. maybe i'm just jealous i didn't think of it first! and i'm equally jealous of not catching norbit in the theatres.

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Actually, EFF Norbit. I was kidding.

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