02 March 2007

happy birthday, dr. seuss!

happy birthday, dr. seuss!

Today is the 103rd anniversary of Dr. Seuss's birth! I am significantly younger, and not nearly as dead. Here is an impromptu poem in our honor (ahem...)

chug. chug. chug.

the end.


Greg said...

Happy Birthday?
Happy Birthday!

Dan said...

Oh. well count that CD as a birthday present then.

bon bon said...

thank you, thank you, greg and dan!
in your honor, cake's the plan.
then at midnight, i'll reneg,
and curse the names of dan and greg.

Greg said...

You curse us?
We'll curse you!
From the top of your head,
To the bottom of your shoes.
But we're cursed as cursers as far as cursing goes.
You'll probably just get a rash
Or a runny nose.

Dan said...

or possibly a bad case of flatulence.

What? it had to rhyme? Dr Seuss was never really big in England anyway - we can afford to buy books printed in more than just one color you see.

Deb said...

Happy belated, bon bon!

ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kittster!

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