28 March 2007

dog walkers

dog walkers

This dog leash holder hangs in our porch. It gets a lot of comments from first time visitors. As a bonus, it helps keep the Jehovah Witnesses away.


ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

What better way to spurn the Witnesses than with naked dolls of well-endowed blondes?

Kerry said...

Amy's comment "Can I have a lot of barbies too, as I only have one". Hmm.

I said she had a badger to play with instead.

Thank you very much for the kid's presents, and my cookies - they made it all the way home, though admittedly not in one piece :)

bon bon said...

yes, she should dress her badger up in a dress and high heels too! although i'm guessing her father said "that's not a proper badger."

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