24 March 2007

dancing pug

dancing pug

Kensi has a tendency to try and catch things with her front paws. It's pretty damn adorable, her thinking she's people. Both dogs are very good at catching things in their mouths. I can fire a kibble straight at Nigel's face and he'll nab it. One of these days, I fear I'll lodge something down their throat however. I've been practicing the heimlich maneuver incase the need arises.

Tonight, gp and I are headed out for dinner with a)Greg and Deb, and b)Dan and Kerry! Couple b is currently staying with couple a, and we have yet to meet them. Of course, it's easy to make a good impression over your blog because you can say something totally asinine, then realize, hey, I have a delete key! I'm bound to say something I think is assuming and get blank British stares. Fortunately, Greg is in my wavelength. And with that sentence, I insult us both.

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