09 March 2007

can i get an amen?

can i get an amen?

It was our intent to see the Rev. Horton Heat in concert Wednesday night. Alas, when we arrived, the show was sold out. Damn all you kids and your love of rockabilly! And get off my lawn!! Instead we ventured to the bar below the one he was playing and cried into our chocolate martinis. Well, Cupcake Wahini and I had the chocolate martinis. Our husbands ordered manly drinks named after power tools. Actually, gp ordered a Clockwork Orange, which is what I had last time we were there.

But I digress. This photo of the rev, was taken when we saw him back in 1999. Madison still had a little club called Bullwinkle's, digital cameras were for the elite, and Bush had yet to lead our nation down the path to hell. How times have changed.

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